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Sustainability: A Trend That Is Here To Stay

Events leave a lasting impact on our memories and our planet. A wedding produces, on average, 500 lbs of waste. In the past, we built weddings on grander and frivolity; let’s produce weddings that will sustain our love and our planet.

Planning a wedding is challenging enough without the added pressure of sourcing sustainable products and vendors. We have compiled a list of actionable ways to create a green wedding and forward-thinking vendors carrying out the mission to produce sustainable events.

If you want to produce a more sustainable event, the first step is hiring vendors with the same goal.

Venues and Catering.

1. Seattle Aquarium

Photo By: EmmetJoseph Photography

This is one of the most forward-thinking venues in Seattle. I can speak firsthand on how every decision made here has applied the question: "what is the lasting impact? Is this sustainable?”. Before opening Prologue, I was their Sales and Event Manager.

  • Carbon Offset Program

  • Sustainable Menus

  • Ethically sourced food

  • Extensive vegetarian and vegan options

  • Restrictions on single-use plastics

  • Donates untouched leftover food

  • Everything is composted or recycled.

  • Building has solar

2. Hyatt 8

  • 50% of food is locally grown, and 60% of seafood is sustainably harvested

  • Partner with food distributors and businesses dedicated to ocean conservancy and the application of sustainable practices

  • Leftover and untouched food is donated to a local hunger-eliminating nonprofit

  • Composts

  • Silver-certified by LEED,

  • Green rooftop retains 75% of rainwater, helping to mitigate stormwater runoff, and insulates meeting spaces to reduce energy for heating and cooling.

3. Islandwood

  • LEED Gold

  • Collects Rainwater

  • Sustainablly sourced ingredients

  • Profits go towards environmental education programs

Runner Ups

-Olympic Rooftop Pavilion Stoneburner- Locally sourced food

-Dockside at Dukes- Sustainable Menu

-Rays Boathouse

- 12 Baskets Catering

-Plum Bistro

Florals- There can be some ugly truth behind your beautiful blooms. It’s essential to do research to see where your florist is buying their product. Many flowers are imported from overseas and are raised with heavy use of dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and under deplorable labor conditions. I know that is a lot of social weight for a centerpiece!

Look for a florist that will use foam alternatives and make it a mission to source local, sustainable, and ethical flowers.

1. Noctura Florals

  • Florist with a floral and vegetable farm in the Cascades

  • Use beyond organic and regenerative practices, rebuilding soil organic matter, providing habitat for pollinators, and restoring soil biodiversity.

2. Floravore

  • Works with local growers

  • Sustainable designs

  • Support local, woman-owned flower farms

  • Reduce waste caused by packaging & shipping flowers to a wholesalers

  • Enjoy flowers that aren’t treated with chemicals to preserve freshness

3. Cama Designs

  • Locally sourced florals

  • Donate to senior centers

4. Donate your flowers the next day to senior centers and hospitals.

Attire- Seattle has some great options for buy a dress second hand.

1. Blue Sky Bridal

2. Bride For A Cause

  • Nonprofit organization- they support Loveland Foundation, Dress For Success, Girls Inc., and others

Other Alternatives

-Heirloom Pieces

-Rent Your Suit: Men's Wear House, The Black Tux

-Rent Formal Attire: Armoire (Seattle Company <3) , Rent the Runway, Nuuly


  1. Of the Earth

  • Seattle Company

  • Invitations printed on paper that you can plant and it will produce flowers

2. Digital- Paperless Post

Miscellaneous ways to create an eco friendly wedding

  • Look at offers and Facebook market place for wedding decor

  • Go vegetarian or vegan with your selections

  • Use rentals and compostable options

  • Eco Friendly Wedding Registry

  • Think about travel and pick a venue that is centrally located

  • Skip the sparkler exit

Please leave a comment of other vendors in the PNW that are leading the charge to create more sustainable events, we would love to work with them!

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