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Delegate Your Way To Be "Marrier"

It takes 500 hours to plan a wedding, so don't take on all those hours by yourself!

Hire A Planner

Of course, I'm going to plug this in. It would be best to offset many of these hours onto the professionals. Planners do 30+ weddings a year; these tasks make up our day-to-day. By hiring planning services, you are offsetting so much of your stress and time and leaving your details in the hands of someone who executes weddings every weekend. We will be the best resource, support, and taskmasters on your team. Weddings are expensive, and planners tend to be a luxury item. We understand that this luxury may not be in everyone's budget, so we put together some task on hand when a loved one asks if you need any help.


You are engaged; hopefully, you have friends and family who will ask how they can help. Why is this question so stressful? Letting go of control and having them accomplish a task with their style is terrifying! Or they will do something wrong, and you must fix it without offending anyone. Delegation is HARD! Trust me; there are tasks that you can delegate! Don’t put this whole wedding on your shoulders. Look at your checklist and set aside a job you are comfortable assigning to someone else. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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