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Philadelphia started her career in events in the classroom. During her formal education she obtained a minor in event planning from West Virginia University. She started out by working for a local wedding planner and for the Arts and Entertainment department at her University. Philadelphia left the hills of West Virginia to pursue a career in events and sales at a hotel franchise in Cleveland, Ohio. She then went down to Columbus, Ohio to work as a Wedding Coordinator at the oldest country club in the city. Four years ago she moved out west to Washington with her high school sweetheart. She has spent the last few years working at a prominent waterfront venue executing hundreds of weddings and corporate events. Philadelphia has made a career out of making sure someone has the ability to soak in all of the feels with out all of the stress of planning an event. 

Philadelphia owner of Prologue Events
Philadelphia with mountains in the background.


  • Her name is really Philadelphia! Her dad got the idea from an old western movie. 

  • Certified wilderness first responder 

  • Active volunteer for the Washington Trail Association

  • With High School sweetheart

  • Always on the move, she finds being busy relaxing

  • Mornings are her favorite time of day 

  • Reads at least 50 books a year

  • Born and raised in West Virginia 

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